Utilizing Updated Software To Enter And Organize Patient Details

by | Dec 10, 2019 | Information Technology and Services

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When someone arrives at an addiction treatment center, there are certain details that need to be entered into the computer system. These details usually include the substances that the person uses as well as other types of treatment that have been tried. When you use addiction treatment admissions software programs, you can easily keep each person’s information separate and confidential while still being able to see the necessary details to move forward with a treatment plan.


One of the first things that you’ll do with those who are admitted to an addiction facility is to perform an assessment. This is sometimes done with a nurse or doctor so that the vital signs can be properly taken. You’ll also assess the person’s overall mental and physical state upon arriving at the facility. All of these details will be entered into the computer using an addiction treatment admissions software program so that changes can be made at any time.


Information about any classes that are taken while at the facility can be entered into the software program. These details can then be forwarded to other centers or to the proper legal offices so that there is a record of positive activities that are completed.


An important piece of information that is recorded in the facility’s computer system is the medication taken by each patient. Updated systems can usually offer side effects and benefits of medications as well as how to treat any overdose issues in the event that the patient has free access to the substances while at the facility.