Some Very Important Cyber Security Tips for Your Small Business

by | Sep 4, 2019 | IT Services

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Digital technology and the internet have not only become commonplace parts of daily life, they are vital tools for small business. That’s why cyber-security remains a major issue for many small businesses. Here we offer some helpful tips to help entrepreneurs implement cyber security in Toronto to mitigate the threat to themselves and their clients.

Use a Firewall

If you have a website, you need a firewall and encryption. It’s just that simple. Keep your Wi-Fi network hidden and secure by setting up your router so that it is password protected and it doesn’t broadcast the network name.

Restrict Access

You will want to prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining access to your company’s computers and laptops. Laptops are particularly vulnerable, so make sure they’re locked up tight. Make sure all staff are using strong passwords, and only give administrator status to top people who really need it.

Take Appropriate Card-Processing Precautions

Get your bank or credit card processing company on the phone and implement any best practice recommendations they have for you. Keep payment systems isolated from less secure systems and don’t use payment processing terminals for insecure activities.

Anti-Malware Protection

Malware is a major problem for any device hooked up to the internet. Make sure that all your desktops and laptops have reputable anti-malware programs on them, whether commercial or open source. Keep your anti-malware programs up to date, and make sure employees don’t visit high-risk websites at work.

Employee Training

Proper cyber security in Toronto requires that all employees understand and follow your company’s security policies. Be sure they understand how to handle sensitive data and personal information. While their public posts on Facebook and the like, if made on their own time, are their own business, you make sure they’re not communicating anything sensitive to your business.