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by | Jan 10, 2020 | Computer and information science

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Network management means more than sharing a few files, and as businesses grow, more intense and complex demands can strain your systems. For faster access to resource, safer data, easier wireless access, and all-around better networking, here are a few network management details to help understand how your business can step into the future faster and with better results.

Modernized, Separate Switching

The server and network switch is at the center of any major network, and they both need to be modernized as file sizes and network speeds increase. While servers have a long list of components and standards that match a desktop computer’s parts, network switches are less upfront. There are modules to equip and specifications to read, but what really matters?

No matter the generation, you will always need more overhead and less chances for collisions. Having proper overhead delivers a switch that moves at peak speeds without slowing from its own calculations, and reducing collision domains means fewer random errors from transferring data.

Overhead can be programmed by a network professional, and only a small percentage needs to be set aside. Collision domains are a bit more involved, since it depends on how your network equipment is designed to handle the traffic.

Collision domains are virtual and physical traffic areas where information can collide–just like cars or people–and fail to send. This usually means sending the information again, which is a delay. Delays add up, so digital collision domains can be programmed. If digital means aren’t enough, a separate switch in a different physical location can help you keep all of your departments communicating while taking different, safer routes.

New switches, better switch programming, and server management are all within reach. Experts skilled in computer network management in Berks County can deliver the results you need.

Backup Management and Network Safety

Having switches and servers that keep up with demand is important, but what happens if you lose all of that data? What if important, game-changing data is stolen? From customer data leaks to corporate espionage, the losses can be immense. You need a network security professional to review your network security, but you also need a backup plan.

Data backups will save your information periodically, allowing you to recover from a previous point in time if files are lost or corrupted. This can help if a virus corrupts your files or if natural disasters damage your systems.

Ransomware is one of the biggest new arguments for backups. There is currently no mass market solution if you’re infected by ransomware.

Ransomware works be encrypting or scrambling your data, and there’s no easy (read: affordable) way to recover those files for even massive companies or entire governments. Thieves will sell you a key to unlock the files, but can you be sure that they’ll give you a working key?

With backups, it doesn’t matter. You can simply restore the old files from before the infection. Once again, you need a security professional to review your systems in order to keep your backups separate from the main systems.

Backups can be infected, so a separation plan is vital for continued system security. Contact a network consultant to discuss plans for computer network management in Berks County. We provide information technology, telecommunication, and web services.

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