3 Challenges of Mental Health Billing

by | May 3, 2018 | Information Technology and Services

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For any healthcare provider, billing is going to be one of the most important activities and top priorities after patient care. In the field of mental health, billing is particularly complicated. Consider these three challenges of mental health billing, and how mental health billing software can help you overcome them.

Frustrated patients

The American healthcare industry’s system for billing and payments is far from technologically advanced, and this causes understandable frustration for patients. A study by the Health Research Institute (HRI) found that consumers rated hospitals poorly on affordability and price transparency, reports HIT Consultant. Patients that don’t trust the healthcare system are less likely to cooperate well with their insurance providers and with provider billing departments. Utilizing mental health billing software that helps facilitate clear communication with patients and makes payment more convenient will lead to consumer satisfaction and fewer billing mistakes.

Varying insurance requirements

One of the challenges unique to mental health is that requirements for coverage vary widely between private and public insurers, and there are few mental health services that are guaranteed coverage. Meticulous and accurate claims coding is therefore of the utmost importance. You can decrease the likelihood of claims being denied with mental health billing software that scrubs bills and claims to catch irregularities before it’s too late.


Mental health professionals are more likely than primary care providers to do a substantial amount of their work over the phone. This is another area where insurance carriers vary widely in their coverage, which can complicate billing for telemedicine. Look for billing software that helps your team differentiate between services provided in-person or over the phone.

None of the billing challenges facing mental health professionals are insurmountable. With well-designed billing software that matches your clinic’s needs, you can free up staff time, increase revenue, and maximize the level of care that your patients receive.