Alkaline Membranes

by | Apr 26, 2018 | Science and Technology

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Alkaline membranes are utilized in different industrial and laboratory applications. The membranes tend to be thin and are often made from polymers, and they are used to help separate a variety of different substances. The supporting structures help to provide the membranes with additional strength and stability. Of course, it is essential for companies like yours to find and purchase alkaline membranes that are of the highest quality and that are proven to work.

The alkaline membranes offered through Dioxide Materials, under the trade name Sustainion, are imidazolium functionalized styrene polymer membranes. The membranes are available for electrolyzers, as well as for fuel cells. Because there are many different requirements and preferences amongst professionals who utilize these membranes, you will find a range of options available, including those with water-soluble plasticizers, those with reduced plasticizers, and more.

The Best Membranes

When purchasing alkaline membranes, the most important factors are going to be quality and performance. You need to have the right components to get the best results. With the Sustainion membranes, there is a lower area specific resistance than what is available from other membranes on the market. This can allow you to get higher currents while still using the same voltage.

In fact, the areas specific resistance in 1 M KOH, 60 degrees C for Sustainion 37-50 is 0.045 Ω-cm2 with a pH range from 2-14. When compared with others on the market, it is easy to see the difference. For example, the Nafion 115 has an ASR of 0.52 Ω-cm2 with a pH range of 0-13. The data shows that these Sustainion membranes have a wealth of advantages when compared to the competitors.

In addition, you need to consider other factors when you are making your purchase, including the size of the material you need, and where and how you will be utilizing it. When you invest in quality alkaline membranes, it will provide you with the promised results that you need.

Using these materials can make a massive difference in the field of renewable energy and renewable fuels. They can reduce the cost of renewable energy by using hundreds of MW of electricity at one time. It is possible to turn on the electrolyzers when renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind power is creating more energy than the grid can use and are then turned off again when the energy can be used by the grid in other ways.

There are many ways to make use of these membranes, and their implementation could help to change the world for the better.