Four Ways EMR Supports Your Mental Health Practice

by | Mar 28, 2018 | Information Technology and Services

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The use of electronic medical records has become widespread and has potential to become the universal standard. When it comes to mental health, EMR can significantly improve patient care. Here are four reasons why EMR for mental health providers can help your behavioral health practice:


As a mental health provider, you’re likely to deal with emergency situations, such as a suicidal patient. When on-call, helping a vulnerable patient can be difficult without immediate access to their full record. You can access EMR from any device on which you have an internet connection, and thus can make a difference in crisis response situations. You’ll also be able to update your patient’s medical record immediately with notes and information about the incident.

Medication Management

EMR lets you track medication in real time, check for interactions, and monitor changes in dosage and their effects. Since medication is an important part of ongoing mental health treatment and maintenance, this monitoring access is key. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, medication can help manage a patient’s symptoms so progress and recovery become possible. EMR can also be used to electronically transmit prescriptions to your patient’s pharmacy, thus eliminating phone calls that can take away from valuable patient time.

Easily Shared

Since your patients may be visiting other providers for different issues, having electronic medical records makes it easy to quickly and efficiently share information about your mutual patient. This is especially helpful for when a patient’s medical issues may be tied in with mental health, and vice versa.

Compliance Management

It’s important to catch non-compliance early, says AZZLY. EMR for mental health providers makes it easy to track patients and flag missed appointments, unsuccessful outreach attempts, and the outcome of phone calls and interactions. Having a fully-integrated electronic system for your practice can make it easier than ever to ensure that no patient goes without timely check-ins and compliance reviews.

When helping vulnerable patients is your priority, utilizing the best resources is paramount. Electronic medical records can help you administer the outstanding care that your patients deserve.