Why Conical Mills Are Best For Particle Size Reduction

by | May 25, 2018 | Science and Technology

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Why Milling is required?

In Pharmaceuticals formulations, after dispensing stage the mixture of API & excipients is in powder form of different sizes. It needs to undergo size reduction & to make it uniformly sized for better drug absorption for which requires milling

Types of Milling Techniques:

Broadly milling is done through impact, grinding & crushing or a combination of these forces for which different milling equipment are used. Conical mills use compression/ grinding principle while hammer mills use impact for milling.

Operation of Conical Mills

Material is feed via gravity/ vacuum and a rotating impeller forces the material outward through conical screen through compression. The size of the screen determines the final particle size

Advantages of Conical Mills:

As compared to Hammer Mills, Conical Mills have less noise, less dust and heat and uniformity in particle size. This results in low energy consumption and high quality end product even with heat sensitive materials. Conical Mills also reduce generation of fines which prevents dust explosion hazards.

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