Role of Fire pumps in our lives

by | May 30, 2018 | Business, Science and Technology

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Pumps fitted or mounted onto fire fighting vehicle are vehicle mounted fire fighting pumps. Their types include front or rear mounted, PTO driven or with a midship design. Delivering adequate water during the golden hour and saving lives is something we can totally relate to these pumps. They are very crucial tool for firefighters who are always on their best role for saving casualties during such fire incidents. Also, the pressure of water thrown through the fire pump has to be a of a particular pressure enough to put off fires but not much to harm anyone in the procedures.

Presently Indian municipal fire brigades are facing challenges in domestic firefighting, which includes inadequate flow, pressure drop on increasing distance, dry running and maintenance. 2000 LPM low capacity pumps are not feasible for the fires which spread today across metros, such fires require higher than 6000 LPM capacity pumps. Also, such pumps are required which would help firefighters extinguish distinct fires (distance of 70 m).


Godiva provides midship or rear-end mounted fire pumps meeting high standards and maximum efficiency. 6000 LPM at 10 bar & 250 LPM at 40 bar are some of the excellent technical specifications showcased by Prima P2 6010 of Godiva series. This is the most chosen pump by firefighters amongst all other Godiva offerings.

Quality, Performance and Reliability are the primary differentiators of Godiva pumps other than excellent priming, light weight and simple maintenance. Our high-level customization caters to all requirements of our customers.

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