4 Ways to Choose an EMR for Your Practice

by | Jan 25, 2019 | Information Technology and Services

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Switching to EMRs or electronic medical records can improve patient care standards and service levels in your facility. The first step to achieving that is finding the right behavioral health EMR software for your practice. Here are a few helpful tips to know.

Start with what you need

What kind of services and help does your practice need? Make up a list of specific requirements. That’s going to help you determine the software that best suits you. If you have current issues or problems at your facility that an EHR can resolve, what are they? Factor those things in when you pick a behavioral health EMR software.

Think about your staff

Who is going to use the software? Who is going to access the system? You will need to think about that as well, the American Psychiatric Association says. Find a system that is going to be easy for them to use. It would also be a good idea to get their opinion and take on a new system before you implement its use. Get their feedback. Did they like it? Do they see themselves using the system in the course of their daily work? Did it make the work go any easier for them? Ask.

Don’t go for too many extras

A lot of software options out there provide a ton of features. But investing in an electronic medical record solution with all the bells and whistles isn’t always the right decision for you and your team. Check out what the features entail. Will they add value to your business? If those features aren’t going to get used a lot, then go for something a bit basic. That may be a better fit for you and your staff.

Read the reviews

Reviews give you an idea about the product. Some may even mention specific details or information that can help you decide whether it’s a go or not for you.