Why to use Liquid Controls PD flow meters in Paint Industry?

by | Nov 1, 2018 | Science and Technology

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Paint consisting of covering material (Pigment), a film forming material (Oil & Resin) and viscosity modifiers (Thinners & Solvents). Solvents are used in paint manufacture to dissolve the different compounds used in the paint formulation such as colour and binder, making the paint the correct consistency for application.


Main challenge to customer is accurate & repeatable batches for each recipe of paint. Number of ingredients added in one batch to produce final desire paint. To maintain precise quality of paint accurate measurement of each ingredient is necessary. Conventional method used in paint industries is time consuming, take long time to set batch, inaccurate measurement cause wastage of raw materials and also fail to produce repeatable batches. Failure of batch increase final cost of paint as production cost increased.

Process in brief:

Based on integrated formula of processing, different types of raw materials are used to manufacture different types & grades of paints. Batch process is predominant is such type of mixing wherein a precise quantity is mixed in the pre-mix tank at monitored parameters. The ingredients for the tanks are sourced from refineries, process manufactured & stored in tank farms. These ingredients from tank farms are then mixed in premix tank. Dry pigments are also added in premix tanks. To maintain consistency in final product accurate measurement of each ingredient is required. Accurate flow metering systems are used to add accurate amount of ingredients in each batch recipe. Premix is followed by dispersion which grinds the pigments & stabilizes for proper color characteristics. This is followed by thinning which is done in an agitating tank with different types of solvent.


Liquid Controls Class 16 Positive Displacement meter for general solvents & Class 14 PD meter for Resin is best solution for paint industry. These flow meters can be with mechanical metering system or Electronic metering system. PD metering system gives accurate measurement of ingredients and repeatable batch control. It helps in reducing wastage of raw material due to batch failure and also increases production capacity as less time required to set a batch.

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