The Comprehensive Treatment Center Software of Orlando, Florida

by | Mar 9, 2021 | Information Technology and Services

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When running and operating an addiction treatment center or a mental health clinic, the focus has to be on the patients; they are the top priority. Priority care along with the obligations of patient records, billing, insurance forms, and more, make caregiving overwhelming and stressful. Overwhelm can detract from the patient’s needs. What every addiction center needs is some type of mental health practice management software to assist in keeping all records up to date. A care facility operates at optimum levels when it has enough patients up to its capacity

AZZLY is the company stepping in to provide this service for mental health and addiction clinics. They serve small, medium, and large companies, giving these companies space and time to focus mainly on their patients and the patients’ needs. Their latest, progressive program, AZZLY Rize is the perfect program to take the patient outcomes and put them in a simple intuitive system.

The healthcare features this mental health practice management software includes are scheduling and echeck-in. They include appointment reminders along with treatment plans and outcome measurement tools, and progress notes. The EHR or Electronic Health Record handles medication management, e-prescribing and PDMP, prescription drug monitoring program, labs, e-signatures, and a chronological e-chart.

Other features are available in this mental health practice management software such as RCM, or Revenue Cycle Management, office management, and customer support. Running a treatment facility can be extremely overwhelming when having to handle all the records. AZZLY is the program every treatment center needs to decrease the stress and increase time and attention for the patients.