Selecting An OCR App

by | May 15, 2020 | Software Company

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Increasing demands for the ability to verify data and to accurately scan and read data has led to a number of new companies and services providing OCR or Optical Character Recognition apps.

Choosing the best OCR app is essential for efficiency, effectiveness, and trouble-free use. Knowing what the business requires is critical when making the selection of the best app, as not all services offer the solutions and features required by the various industries and sectors. Any OCR software should be able to do the basics of scanning and data searches, but some providers offer apps that offer a lot more.

Security Issues

The use of an OCR app for verification of user identity is essential in many industries. The ability to have the user scan their ID form and have the software detect the required information is essential whenever identity documents have to be input into a system.

Government issued types of identification are the most commonly used to verify and establish the identity of the user. Using an OCR app with the capacity to detect any alterations or manipulation of images or the identifying information on those documents increases security for both your company as well as your customers.

Scanning Ability

The app selected for OCR scanning should be designed to allow scanning of the front and back of the document. This is important for passports and drivers licenses. By extracting information and filling it in the required data areas, real-time verification is highly effective.

Look for branding, customization, and mobile scanning to add to the features and options for the use of this highly-effective technology.