Turning Text Into Usable, Actionable, Data From Anywhere in the World

by | Oct 30, 2023 | Software Company

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Text is, in many ways, the lifeblood of business. Text is used to reach out to your customer base and it’s how they share their feelings about your products. Text is even used to communicate internally among the company’s staff. Text is indisputably valuable. However, the text also tends to be imprecise. You’ll often see people’s opinions and sentiments jump around quite a bit within small portions of text. Properly classifying intent and firm stances can be quite time-consuming. This has made it extremely difficult to use large amounts of text as a solid metric for actionable plans in the business world. Sold plans require solidly defined data points. And standard written text seldom provides that level of clarity.

But all of this has changed with the advent of powerful natural language processing AI. Natural language processing AI, or NLP, describes the process by which AI can analyze plain text. NLP can essentially turn the messiness and vague intent of standard writing into the kind of metrics that are easier to use within a business environment.

For example, imagine that a company is doing some simple A/B testing. These tests can indicate which of the two options is the most popular. But it wouldn’t explain the underlying reasons why people liked one option more than the other. And a written description of people’s decision-making process wouldn’t be easy to analyze in the same way as the binary A/B choices. However, NLP could analyze written responses to allow for actionable data.