Learn More About Tween 20 And Its Uses

by | Jan 16, 2018 | Science and Technology

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Tween 2 and Phosphate Buffered Saline are both in the 20x concentration to use with immunolabeling techniques. It’s designed to be used as a wash buffer and can be added to promote a more efficient washing. This can result in decreased background staining. Such a product can also be used to encourage reagent spreading using automated staining methodologies.

Use And Options

You should only use this wash for research purposes. It shouldn’t be part of diagnostic procedures. You’ll find that the kit includes the PBS with Tween 20 in a 20x concentrate formula. You can find two different sizes for purchase, including 1,000 ml and 125 ml.


This wash is designed to be used with IHC applications. You should refer to the instructions for the antibodies you are testing or using for research to determine how it should be used.

Staining Protocols

When you must stain an antibody, you will need to dilute this product using a ratio of 1:20. Deionized water is best suited for this purpose. For example, if you use 50 ml of the concentrate, you should dilute it using 950 ml of deionized water.

For the company to provide you with this 20x concentrate, the salt in the solution is at a high concentration. If during shipping or storage, the temperature falls below six degrees Celsius or 44 degrees Fahrenheit, you should stir the product so that the salts are redistributed.


This product is designed to be stored at room temperature and should never be frozen. If it is properly stored, the reagent should be stable until the expiration date on the label. If it’s past the expiration date, do not use it and dispose of it properly.

Tween 20 is an excellent product to label and stain the antibodies you are testing. Visit Spring Bioscience at  to learn more now.