3 Benefits of Addiction Treatment Ehr Software at Your Practice

by | Jul 14, 2020 | Information Technology and Services

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There are many benefits to utilizing an electronic health record software at your addiction treatment practice. You can improve the quality of your care and enhance the relationships with your clients as well. There are many benefits, however, including those that are listed below when considering an addiction treatment EHR software.


An EHR software at your addiction treatment facility is all-inclusive and it can help improve the relationship with your clients in many ways. One of the best ways it does this is in making appointments through the system. You can ensure that any appointments meet the needs of you and your providers.

Record Keeping

All patient records are kept within the electronic health record. You can store all demographic information, as well as any notes about patient care within the software. From there, you can collaborate on treatment plans and make updates as required for your patient’s care needs.

Note Taking

You can access any notes that you have kept on your patient’s care easily if you need to make an update or if you need to collaborate on care. You can access all daily progress notes as well as intake information. This will also help you in marking progress on all patient care.


Consider contacting AZZLY when you need addiction treatment EHR software for your treatment practice. You can ensure that you have access to everything you need through the many benefits that are provided through the EHR software as mentioned above.