Understanding Traceability Software Solutions: How They Can Benefit the Supply Chain

by | Nov 29, 2022 | Agricultural Service

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Do you want to add visibility and transparency to your value chain? If so, traceability software solutions may be all you need.

From farm to retail, these wonderful tools allow you to track food and other products at every stage.

A traceability software can help users know a product’s provenance and origin, with essential details about the farmers, farm, date and time of harvest, logistics, and storage.

All-In-One Platform

Hoping to improve the value chain, traceability systems can handle every stage and element involved, regardless of their complexity.

Plus, you can oversee every step, including procurement, storage, logistics, retailing, chain of custody, and more.

Accessible Key Information

These software solutions have also been designed to provide details at the farm level, allowing users to find information on farmers’ profiles and certifications.

Solution for all sectors

Furthermore, traceability software solutions can work in all sectors, including:

• Cotton
• Vanilla
• Fruits
• Vegetables
• Flavors and fragrances
• Spices
• Honey
• Aquaculture
• And more

Many More Benefits

By using food traceability software solutions, you can also enjoy these benefits:

• Optimized supply chain with fewer losses
• Better relationships with consumers through trust and transparency
• Perfect compliance with export regulations
• Safety and purity of products guaranteed
• Certifications and ethics practices available to everyone
• Better internal quality control
• Minimized profitability and reputation risks

Why SourceTrace

With SourceTrace’s innovative traceability software, all parties involved enjoy greater visibility into the agricultural value chain.

Furthermore, this solution positively impacts farmers’ lives, allowing them to take their practices to other levels while generating more income and keeping the local industry.

SourceTrace designed a complete system that has the full potential to deliver the efficiencies supply chains need.

In addition, it leverages the power of the blockchain, building transparency and trust while decreasing risks.