Learn About Data Capture and How It Has Been Beneficial During the Pandemic

Data capture solutions are used in retail stores, factories, and other commercial spaces throughout the United States and around the world. A data capture solution allows the user to extract information from a document and turn it into something that can be read by a computer.

QR technology has been especially beneficial during the COVID-19 pandemic. As some of the shelter in place orders have been lifted, businesses are opening up while simultaneously looking for contactless methods to gather the information needed from customers. They are looking for ways to allow customers to make buying decisions without needing to touch a product or without needing to physically interact with employees.

Thanks to QR technology and other data capture solution, this can be done without causing much trouble. It is possible for businesses to create a seamless process for their customers that is also efficient for their organization.

QR codes that can be scanned with cameras or on a smartphone automatically direct customers to a specific webpage or other online information. QR codes are beneficial in circumstances where touching paper is not an option. Now, the customer can simply scan a code that is posted in their place of business and be immediately directed to the information they need on their mobile device. From their mobile device, they can submit the required information. There is no contact, no contamination, and no problem.

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