Electrical Engineering & Design Services In Cleveland, TN

by | Jul 19, 2016 | Science and Technology

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Do you live in the Cleveland, Tennessee area and need assistance with an Electrical Engineering project? Campbell & Associates, Inc. would the logical choice for assistance since they offer more than just electrical engineering in Cleveland TN. Their company is based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee however, they service other areas of Tennessee as well as approximately 25 other states in the United States. Services that they provide include the following:

* Mechanical Engineering
* Electrical Engineering
* Plumbing Engineering
* Fire Protection
* Solar
* Geothermal Engineering
* Energy Modeling
* Commissioning Engineers
* LEED Certification

Are you unsure of which service or services you might need? Let me explain each service to you a little bit and maybe that will help make the first step a tad bit easier for you. Mechanical Engineering deals with the design, construction, and the use of machines.

Electrical Engineering typically deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics, etc. Plumbing Engineering, not to be confused with a plumber, is a design, implementation, planning, and creation. Fire Protection Engineering is designed to protect people, property, and environments from the harmful and destructive effects that are caused by fire and/or smoke. Solar

Engineering is for planning, designing, and implementing solar energy. Geothermal Engineering is used to design systems that produce heat and electricity. Energy modeling is used either virtually or computerized that focuses on energy consumption, utility bills and life cycle costs of various energy related items, such as air conditioning, hot water, and lights.

Commissioning Engineers are employees that are assigned to work on a customer’s project where they are responsible for overseeing the installation of systems, equipment, and/or plants. LEED Certification stands for Leadership in Engineering and Environmental Design meaning a company and/or their LEED certified employees with this certification can focus on projects such as new, commercial building projects. It is based on a point system and they more you earn, they will have a higher rating.

Campbell & Associates, Inc. would be more than happy to help you choose which type of Electrical Engineering in Cleveland TN you need or even another service. To get in touch with this certified company, simply visit their website and use their contact us form or call the phone number at the bottom of their page and someone would be happy to further assist you.