Can a Solar Battery Help My New Jersey Solar System Operate More Efficiently?

by | Oct 20, 2020 | Solar Panels

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New Jersey is one of the leading states that embraced the switch of going solar. The prices of solar panels in the Garden State consistently dropped, driving more and more customers. Along with the emergence of solar panel systems, another source of renewable technology emerged. Solar batteries became a viable solution to more sustainable utilization of solar energy. In conjunction with a solar system, let’s discuss how a solar battery becomes beneficial to New Jersey residents.

What Does a Solar Battery Do?

Incorporating a solar battery to an existing solar system can be the bridge to solar energy independence.

Solar batteries come in handy under circumstances when solar panels cannot generate sufficient energy to power your entire property. These are instances such as power outages, inclement weather conditions, and malfunctioning solar system. Additionally, solar batteries can be helpful when your existing system produces more power than needed. The battery collects surplus energy and stores it for when you need it the most.

Solar batteries store excess energy through the conversion of DC energy from the solar panels into AC power. The higher the capacity of your battery, the more energy it can collect and store. In some cases, there are battery models composed of built-in inverters that can perform the conversion. If your batteries don’t have these, you can purchase them separately to integrate with your batteries.

How Can a Solar Battery Help New Jersey Solar Panels Operate More Efficiently?

A solar battery, in conjunction with your solar system, offers resilience that provides electric security. If you want to maximize your solar system’s capacity, it serves as a cost-effective and sustainable solution.

That said, here are ways how solar batteries influence the seamless operation of New Jersey solar panels.

  • Back-Up Power

Solar batteries provide uninterrupted electric security, reserving excess energy for future use. These serve as your back-up power in unforeseen events such as power outages and extreme weather conditions. Their smooth delivery of power ensures you can always operate appliances regardless of such conditions.

  • Minimize the Use of Fossil Fuels

Embracing renewable technology is especially beneficial to the environment. It reduces carbon emission, thus advocating towards sustainability. Solar energies don’t produce fossil fuels and greenhouse gas, unlike traditional electricity grids, preserving the environment.

  • Receive Incentives

Besides the incentives, rebates, and tax credits you receive when installing a solar system, adding batteries also has advantages. The installation of solar batteries can also be exempted from sales tax and property tax.

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